Applegate Sotel

Inspired by service and care models in the Netherlands and Northern Europe, SOTEL Communities (Service-Oriented Technically Enhanced Living) seek to create a socially interactive, vibrant lifestyle much different from traditional senior housing communities.

A new-construction “rent-to-buy” pro-active adult neighborhood is designed as a supportive community where services and care can be readily available to people wanting to grow older self-sufficiently, but also stay focused on living well now.

SOTEL Communities combine four interrelated elements:

  1. Value – Moderately priced dwellings offering autonomous/independent living, along with a variety of personal and wellness services delivered priced at a group rate.
  2. Socially interactive living environments – Community-based living designed to stimulate the senses helps improve the decision-making process, decrease loneliness and boredom, and improve security.
  3. Consumer-Oriented Service-Plus Program – A site concierge links residents to services and care, providing coordination in obtaining needed services and recreation, but also promoting independence.
  4. Unit adaptation – Uniquely designed apartments and cottages provide flexibility to accommodate many changes in the later phases of life as in rmities and levels of frailty increase.

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Standalone communities,

30-70 UNITS

A new-construction


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